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Helloooooo there Hi!  to anyone who stumbled upon this! 

I hate writing journals but I HAVE to explain some things and apologize :no: 
First of all I'll start with a long required and necessary apology. I'm sorry, to anyone who's still waiting for my response and has seen that (here and there) I've been active, I'm not trying to make excuses (I am :XD:) but it was a very messy time for me.... Little to say... 
So I'll try to get back to it as soon as I can! 
I'm also late with the deviantwatch wit over 12000 deviations. Minimum 10800. 
BUT. dA lets me see until the 419th page. So exactly 10056 deviations. And if it's true and dA kills all the deviations after 419th page.... I'll (I did already) miss TONS and TONS of deviations.   :iconpetrifiedplz: :iconcomebackplz: :icononiontantrumplz:
Now that I discovered this I feel horrible. :iconcrycryplz:
I'm always so so happy to see all the new deviations and now they're gone!! :iconomgnoesplz: 
I unfortunately don't have the time to go trough the 211 galleries of every single one of you D':
Well... If you haven't been uploading TONS of stuff (like some people... Draga... :heart:) MAYBE, MAYBE, up to 2015 I'll come to where you're up now :XD: (That means I'll miss the new ones :cries:
I surrender. DeviantArt has defeated me. It's an infinity loop. 
To make things a liiiiittle bit better... I think I'll have to unwatch some of the groups.... YES. I KNOW! I met most of the wonderful people trough them!!! But I have no other idea what to do! :iconsobsobsobplz: :iconsighingplz: Apart from making a new account for the groups which would make no sense... Would it?
And again, I have no idea why anyone would be interested in this ''statistics'' and my personal ''to do list'' ^^;
What I wanted to say is that I'll try to catch up, that I'm sorry for unwatching some groups, and especially... I beg you forgivness for all the ''lost'' deviations. I'm mortified. 
I hope I'll correct the mistakes I made... 
I think I wanted to say something more but... 
I got carried away and I forgot :XD: 
I still really hope this with the ''missing deviations'' is temporary, maybe my internet, or dA (which is pretty into ''Lokiing'' people so, it REALLY may be...) because I love each one of your deviations... And I'd HATE loosing them in the abyss just like that!!!  :iconmiseryplz: :iconruncryplz:
OH YES!! I remember...
I also promised to TONS of other artists a watch or something... They'll wait some more until I put stuff in order...
So by the year.... 9041 (by my calculation) I should be done with everything!! :faint: I think I'll have to leave some work to my descendants :XD:
I hope you understand and take my apology...
Stay awesome people!!! I :heart: you all!! 
  • Mood: dA Love
  • Listening to: The Last Waltz - Engelbert Humperdinck
  • Reading: Books for exams :'(

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Dream-Angel-Artista Apr 14, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Merci for favs A Monster In Paris!
Just dropping by to say I love you draga and I miss you!
I've safely reached France now (alas the connection is not the best...WHY...oh WHY?!??!??!
so it comes and goes but it WORKS!) I'm staying with a family so at dinner time I'm Always takes (and todays
it's the "mother's" birthday so...don't know when I'll be free but in the meant time just want you to know i'm thinking of you!!
Hope everything is good! If you can drop me a line (LINE, don't worry about notes, we'll get there,)just a one liner to tell me how you are doing it'd be great, but if you can't I understand and anyways our connection is stronger!XD
Lots of love from France!!!!:heart: :heart: :heart:
Chukapix Mar 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm in a rush, I know. I said notes for the weekend that passed. I hope this weekend will be better organized... I hope we catch up on Skype... In the meantime, just know that I love you and miss youuuuuu... And I want to talk so much to you!! :tighthug:
I'm sorry we are not hearing from each other so often any more!!! But I think about you more then ever!! And I still stalk you don't worry... And I stalk you on the mobilephone... Which has problems reading 1.2 and not to mention 2m long comics... So I open them on Doroteas computer because I can't wait till I come home :XD: And I've been subtly advertising you to them :XD: Oh I have stuff to tell you I hope I won't forget, I've started writing down things, and I think the best way to answer the notes is by Skype now... It's just that we can' ever arrange to meet and I have no privacy here :stare: 
Anyway, I'm sending you this here to keep at least some privacy :XD:…
And I'm oh so happy to see that you're still alive! :giggle: 
I love you, and miss you tremendously... And you took both Pitch and Loki to France and the Grumpy Cat is feeling alone guarding the nightmares at home :( :XD: I know you're always here with me, Pitch tells it clearly to me :tighthug: and I think loki is just a bit afraid I could ''fork'' him (he has traumas probably, poor guy :mwahaha:) and you... You're always in my hearrrrrt!!! And on my mind of course!!!…
And oh I'm still mad I haven't planned our days at Trieste better. And I STILL regret it. GOSH. You'll HAVE to come another time here so I can do it properly this time!!! :XD: YES. It's been bothering me from the day you left! And it still does. I know you're going to tell me I'm stupid or something like that :XD: but I just can't help ittttttt. 
Once again. I love you! :iconcocoglompplz::tighthug::smooch::blowkiss:
Hope to hear from you sooon :heart::heart::heart::heart:
P.S.: Say hi to the boys from me and tell them not to exaggerate with the tea (ok that's past tense, but Loki hap probably got tons of it in the luggage :XD:) and with the wine... (Ok that's just something I ''had to say'' what I meant, get properly drunk for me too!! :rofl:
LOTS OF LOVE from... Uff... Trieste :(
Wait!! Wait! You here!??!?!?!?
Chukapix Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
WHY DO I SEE THIS ONLY NOW?!?!!? :cries:
Thank you for your support and watch hope you will like my future work :happybounce:
Chukapix Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome :hug: :la:
Pa ček , kolegice hvala  razumiješ ti mene i ovak XD

Hi my love, how are you doing? I'm sorry I didn't finish yet my letter (and I dreamt of you again...but it was such a stressfull dream...mostly a nightmare, but it ended with you, me and loki(of all people!!:rofl:) on a sort of bicycle...don't ask... :facepalm:)

hope you exam session is going well!!!

I miss you so so so so much...but I'm sure you know...!

I'll tell you everything in the note ..things are going a bit bad, granpa in the hospital...but I wanted to tell you I made this…  because I was dying to bring you in this...:heart:

 (Hope you like it!:la:)

all the love in the world!!!!!:glomp: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Chukapix Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, notes and Skype... We told a lot didn't we? 
And you DEFINITELY beat me in note lengths, as you ALWAYS do! I'm just not good at ''long writing'' :XD:
And I LOVE reading every word of your notes so, they can even be NEVERENDING in my opinion!!!
It's just a bit of a problem to answer to them :XD:
I think I'll have to print them and then answer you on Skype, like an interview!! rofl:
And I again didn't manage to re-read the decently. But I'm putting some stuff in order and still thinking a LOT about everything... You SURELY gave me a lot of homework!! :tighthug:
You have no clue how much you helped (I fell asleep thinking of you, and woke up thinking/dreaming (in dormiveglia) with you and Pitch... And A  BIG SMILE!!!! :tighthug: :heart:!!!!) ... And how right you are!!! :heart:
I really don't know how to thank you!!! I think I couldn't thank you enough even in real life!! 
I'll try to thank you by making the right thing with your WONDERFUL advice!! 
Oh, you've seen my dreams... :facepalm: We should do a film with all this crazy ideas!!! :la: :XD:
Oh... The grumpy cat...
I'm still not over with the compliments and thanks for that one!!! I think I'll never be!! 
I miss you so much :heart: 
Buonanotte a te addesso, libera la mente :heart:…
I love the song, it has this nostalgic note :heart: I hope you like it to!! :heart:
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